Change Log

    16th May 2022 – Added regulatory region tab into gene info page.
    1st Mar 2022 – Added TF as a separate column into the GeneList search table.
    27th Feb 2022 – exNet network nodes/genes can be colloured by gene list name.
    20th Feb 2022 – JBrowse v1 had an issue with Google Chrome Browser. Now the issue has been fixed.
    18th Feb 2022 – Merged two fasta files(pabies-2.0_chromosomes.softmasked_and_new_TEs.fa pabies-2.0_unplaced.fasta) for
    16th Feb 2022 – FTP directory contents are now shown as a HTML file. So users can easily navigate through the contents of the FTP directories and download the files using curl/wget.
    14th Feb 2022 – Now we have a background GeneList in the Enrichment tool. Where we can have custom background set of genes to calculate enrichment using Gopher tool.
    12h of Feb 2022 – User can select all connected nodes in exNet tool.
    11th of Feb 2022 – Populus tremula genome can be viewed using JBrowse2. Our goal is to move all the species into JBrowse2.

    To Do List
    Scheduled changes for the next release 

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