Chromosome Diagram

    The Chromosome diagram tool plots the location of genes in the active gene list.

    Basic Usage
    Type in multiple gene ids inside the input text area separated by comma, space, tab or new line and hit the “Submit” button. Click the padlock icon to enable zoom in function. You can scroll or use the zoom slider to zoom in or zoom out the chromosome diagram. When you mouse over the gene location, it will show the detailed information popup and link to the Gene Information page. You can simply drag and select the favorite gene locations and export as TSV or GFF3; or visualize in Phytozome or Agrigo. The Chromosome diagram tool allows users to upload a gene list and display the chromosomal location of those genes. It has controllers to change the color of the output diagram and also generates publication-ready plot that can be exported in common file formats including PDF.

    The Chromosome diagram tool uses basic annotation data from PlantGenIE MySQL database and you can upload custom files.

    The Chromosome diagram tool was built using Action script, PHP and MySQL.

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